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I am currently offering both Mindful Flow yoga classes and a new class - Mindful Flow mobility , details below. 

For the current Mindful Flow yoga classes, please join our WhatsApp group for the most updated timetable. 


Mindful Flow Mobility

A mixed movement class. 
Inspired by animal and human locomotion, martial arts (mostly capoeira), yoga and somatics.

Starting January I will be teaching a new class - Mindful flow mobility, which will run in monthly modules.


This is something I am super excited about, as it is a different approach to how and what I have been teaching so far.


This will be a step away from traditional asana, and an opening up into the world of movement.


This class is going to be focused on exploration, investigation and play.

An off the mat and out of the (yoga) box practice.


The goal I suppose is simple - to become better movers by broadening our scope of practice - improving our ability to move in many different ways, shapes and forms.


To do so, we will be drawing inspiration from animal and human locomotion, martial arts (mostly capoeira), yoga and somatics.


This class will run every Thursday of January (5th,12th,19th,26th)

9.30am - 11.00am

In person* -  San Lorenzo , Ibiza.

€60 for the month (15 euros per class)**


To sign up for this class please message or email me.

*To regester interest for this class in an online format, please get in touch. 

Why Monthly?

As you know, I am all about the flow. But the truth is, commitment and dedication are qualities I really value and want to cultivate in this community.


On an island of transience, ‘maybes’ , ‘ill see how i feel’ and flow, It's hard to make commitments. Yet, both individually and collectively - a certain amount of commitment and dedication is required to really move forward in practice, and life.  By committing monthly, we hold ourselves and each other accountable for being dedicated students and teachers. 


Each session will build off what we explored in the previous sessions, and in this way, we journey together as a group, as well as building confidence and trust in the relationship to the group. 


It also enables me to plan, run more classes and bring in guest teachers in the future.


I can't afford it...

I want you to come anyway. 


If you don’t feel you have the money to invest in this right now, but want to commit to this exploration, I want to support you.


I have several spaces free for those who can either join for free, pay what they can or exchange in some other way. 


My intention is to create a container for movers to come together, grow and learn.

So right now, the most important thing for me is that we start and get moving and growing!


Please message me for more information about these spaces. 


Please join our WhatsApp group here for updates and current weekly timetable 

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