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H E A L   R E T R E A T 
Tanglewood Retreat, Waimauku

We LOVED our first Heal Retreat, in collaboration with Tanglewood Retreat, SO much that we decided we should probably run another one...

So if you missed out, or just want to do it all over is your opportunity...

A blissful long weekend of Yoga, creativity and plant-based goodness to nourish your body, mind and spirit. 




We invite you to immerse yourselves amongst nature and it’s teachings. Away from the chatter of the modern world, we return to the elements. Flowing, growing and learning; we tune in, listen in, slow down and h e a l. 


our intention

“It’s not that disease starts in the mind, its that everything starts in the mind” - Mariam Williams

From a cellular level, our body has the innate capacity to heal. 
Our body wants to heal. 
You could say, that  all we have to do is get out of the way. 

But somehow we have forgotten
We have forgotten that we are indeed the healers.
We no longer trust in our body and mind’s own ability to heal. 

We reserve the right to heal for doctors, psychiatrists, ‘healers’ - 
forgetting that their role, and the role of any true healer is in fact simply to initiate or create space for the healing within yourself to happen.

You are ultimately doing the healing. 
You always are. 

We are the only ones who can heal ourselves - Somethings with assistance, sometimes without. 

We have chosen to call this retreat Heal,
not because we believe we are going to ‘heal’ you over the weekend (believe it or not! Haha) 
or that we would call ourselves ‘healers'. 

The intention behind this retreat is to remind ourselves that every moment is an opportunity for healing to take place. 

And not in some crazy, out there, mind-boggling, airy-fairy kind of way

But In the smallest and the simplest of ways. 

Acknowledging that what you eat, what you think, what you speak, the environment you surround yourself, and the people you surround yourself with, the way you talk to yourself - It all matters. 

It all makes you. It all is you. 

So let us find medicine in connection. 
Connection to yourself. 
Connection to community. 
Connection to the greater ecosystem of which we are a part.

Join us for a weekend of exploring just this. 
Slowing down, tuning in and creating space to allow a little more healing to take place.

Some of the goodness you can look forward to over the weekend:

  • Morning Meditation

  • Nutritious & Delicious Plant-based food

  • Dynamic morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga Sessions

  • Macrame Jewellery & Crystal Workshop

  • Rongoa (Maori Plant Medicine) Workshops

  • Plant-based Cooking Workshop

  • Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

  • Kirtan, song & dance

  • Space & Stillness for personal reflection & intention setting

  • And more...

Our intention is that you walk away from this retreat inspired, nourished and rejuvenated; with the tools, confidence & motivation to bring more healing into each and every day of your lives.



Earlybird (Until 1.Feb or sold out)            $399
Regular price                                               $499

Prices include 4 days & 3 nights of bliss, including all meals & camping.

We also have many beautiful accommodation options available including our lavish eco Deluxe rooms, the pirateship treehouse, the Potting Shed Cabin & the Aroha Cobhouse.

For more information on the accommodation options please visit

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