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Meditate & Create

a day retreat

Sunday 9th February

Haruru Falls

After the success of our last Meditate & Create day retreat, we have decided to run another summer Meditate & Create day retreat...

So weather you missed out on the first one, or want to do it all's your chance!

So excited to be gathering for another e

Our intention is to create the space for you to open up to your own creativity and draw inspiration to create a unique, beautiful Taonga (piece).

Through our morning meditation and Vinyasa Yoga practice, we will draw our awareness to this intention,  and practice with a focus on awakening our inner creativity.  We will find flow and feel into our bodies, preparing them for the day ahead.​​

Following this, we will move into our creative workshop, where we'll explore crystals and their history in healing and ceremony, before learning how to create your own macrame bracelet.​

We close our day retreat by sinking deep into a Yin yoga session. Serenaded by hangpan, heartbeat percussion, singing bowls and mantra, we create a space to explore our inner landscapes - slowing down, tuning in, and softening into relaxation.​

With delicious and nutritious plant-based food to nourish your bodies & minds throughout the day, we cultivate an experience that will leave you feeling grounded, open and inspired.  


-Guided Meditation & Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

-Crystal healing and Macrame Jewellery workshop - Learn how to create your own unique macrame crystal pendant to take home with you. 

-Yin Yoga & Sound journey

-Plant based breakfast, lunch, tea and treats

& So much more..

MEET Your hosts


Daisy Jane is a Yoga teacher, singer-songwriter and forever student, with an intention to cultivate more connection through Yoga.

Daisy Jane is passionate about sharing her love of mindful and embodied movement.

Her teaching is an ever-evolving, raw and true expression of her own practice, learnings and exploration of Yoga. 

Drawing from Yogic philosophy, and modern movement culture, her classes focus on cultivating curiosity and intuition within movement as a tool for finding more embodiment and presence within each moment.

'My classes are a place where vulnerability is welcome, where you are invited to explore your body, breath and inner landscapes without judgment.

I believe in movement as medicine, and I love to welcome creativity, curiosity and play into my practice.'

'Daisy Jane and Arachai make such a wonderful team. They bring together everything they are passionate about, and you can feel how much love and intention they both put  in to everything they do.'

daisy Jane


From a young age, Arachai had a certain attraction for natural Taonga (treasures).  It wasn’t until he traveled to the East that he first started exploring crystals and sound healing. 


Arachai spent a year between India and Nepal, learning for different masters, in different temples.   He has travelled with his crystals, Macrame string, djembes and singing bowls ever since, 

creating a variety of work for different people and places along the way.


Nearly 4 years on, in NZ, Arachai has found more direction and grounding than ever before.  

Arachai is here to share his passions and essence with people through Workshops, Retreats, Healing Jewellery and Sound Journeys. 

what people say...

'Daisy is the most calming yoga instructor that I have come across. Her open heart and smile welcomes you from the get go and her voice guides you through amazing movement experiences. I did the day retreat with Daisy and her partner Arachai and had an amazing experience of yoga and creativity. Making Makrame yewellery was the cream on the cake. Both are so calming, inspiring and passionate people. Thanks for an amazing day and a beautiful experience.
Can't wait to do it again.'


'Daisy and her partner Arachai created a beautiful day retreat.

Daisy's Vinyasa yoga is just wonderful, she supports, guides and nurtures you, divine vegan food aplenty, time to breath and restore.


Arachai, patiently shared his amazing skills in macrame and we each made a beautiful pendant. I left feeling inspired, relaxed and grounded.'

- Charlote


Super Earlybird     $99  (until tickets run out /1st. January)   
Earlybird                $120  
General                  $150


*All materials are provided.

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