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My oh my, just finished the most amazing

I am so passionate about bringing people together, and creating spaces for us to show up authentically and without judgment. 

My intention throughout these retreats is to make you feel comfortable, held and supported. 

It really is an honour to hold these spaces. We all have so much to learn from one another and I truely believe that retreats can be such a powerful opportunity to do so. 

We don't have any scheduled retreats right now, but leave me your email and you'll be the first to know! 

What people say..

"Daisy and her partner Arachai created a beautiful day retreat.


Daisy's Vinyasa yoga is just wonderful, she supports, guides and nurtures you, divine vegan food aplenty, time to breathe and restore.


Arachai, patiently shared his amazing skills in macrame and we each made a beautiful pendant. I left feeling inspired, relaxed and grounded."

- Charlotte

“I have been around the world and hired yoga teachers for retreats and Daisy is one amzing teacher.


She is not just leading us through poses but gives us a full experience of the yoga philosophy.


She lives and breathes it, it’s so nice to experience her vibe!"

- Dean Larsen

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